"I also would like you to forward this testimonial to Tahana:

My law firm made the move to Front Office Staff six months ago and we are extremely pleased.  The people at Front Office Staff are professional and friendly and the transmission of client calls to my desk or cell phone is seamless.  I have even had one client move to Front Office Staff because of the service quality he recognized when he called me.  A “must have” for any business."

Timothy A. Charshaf, Esq.
The Heritage Law Group, a P.C.

"Since hiring Front Office Staff of Folsom to take care of my phone answering needs I have watched my business grow to nearly double the volume in a few short months. I have noted at least 3 calls I was able to receive that resulted in substantial sales I would have missed without the service. FOS has already paid for itself for the whole first year and then some.
Here's what I've experienced that has helped my business grow:
1. I have a more professional presentation for my small business that creates greater professionalism and credibility.
2. I am one of very few people in my industry with someone answering the phone, so if someone searches the yellow pages or the internet I get the answered call and the business edge.
3. My Front Office Staff keeps the annoying telemarketers out of my hair so I can focus on my clients.
4. I have peace of mind knowing my clients are being taken care of and given answers to basic questions. The women who answer my phones are the best. They are friendly, helpful, and always professional. People think they are right here in my office.
Thanks so much for creating a business that is affordable and professional and helps me leverage my investment to such an amazing degree."

Tania von Allmen
Luminosity Studio

"Front Office Staff helps my chiropractic business so much because there are times when I am unable to get to the phone.  Front Office Staff is aware of the basic information about me and my office, so when they answer the call, the caller perceives that the person answering the phone is working in my clinic.  That seamless transition is what makes them so valuable.

I have been using Front Office Staff for over a year now.   I am very impressed with their professionalism and efficiency.  Their communication with me has been great!  And their willingness to go the extra mile is awesome!

I have had new patients tell me that my office was the first office that they did not get an answering machine and that is why they came to my office for treatment.  That, right there, is the reason Front Office Staff is worth it!!

Thank you all so much!!  Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! "

Dr. Brisbane



I am reluctant to give you a testimonial in fear that another company will find out how spectacular you represent our company.  Your professionalism, courtesy and enthusiasm for your service is rare.  We have tried many other solutions to our receptionist needs and it is not even close.  Thank you, but don't tell anyone else! picture

Matthew Durket



I have been a client of Front Office Staff for the past year and have been very pleased with their service. The receptionists are always professional and pleasant and I get great feedback from my clients. I am very pleased with how Front Office has increased the profitability of my business since I am unable to answer my calls when I am with clients. picture

Cindy Yacur
InVision 3D 4D Ultrasound